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Starting in 1995, co-founders David and Kelli Fox built the world's most popular consumer astrology web site. The company was acquired by a major media company in 1999 and the Foxes continued to manage the business through 2003.

After a two year break the Foxes returned to the field with a next generation online astrology enterprise: The Astrologer, Inc. This time their focus was threefold:

  • Make the content and services readily available to publishing and distribution partners through APIs.
  • Develop all-new content that works across platforms, from long-form on the web, to short-form on mobile and small-screen devices.
  • Take the message to new audiences through highly engaging video delivery.

The Astrologer, Inc. is led by Kelli Fox, one of the world's best known astrologers so you can be assured you're getting accurate information from a respected source.

If you're looking to add insightful astrological content and engaging interactive features to your site or service, please use the form below or contact our Business Development Director, Sean Kelley at (503)927-4941.

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PLEASE NOTE: We cannot offer individual, personal advice. If you need advice, please contact a professional astrologer - you'll find list via the American Federation of Astrologers
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